If you’re like the majority of people who read this post, your probably interested in a viable way to supplement your income if it didn’t mean having to change careers, take on a second job, become an internet wiz or push products on friends and family.

Above is an overview video of the ibuumerang and Vibe Rides opportunity. In it you will see why many people, just like you, are are partnering up with our team and company and secondary incomes without having to get second jobs.

Our company is quickly expanding internationally I am looking to build a massive international team. Please review some information on the links below to see what I can offer you.



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Worth the Read…

If you’re like the majority of people who read this post, you’re  probably interested in a viable way to supplement your income. If it didn’t mean having to change careers, take on a second job, become some kind of Internet whiz or push products on friends and family. 

Mike & Stacy Healy in Cabo

In fact, you’re going to be very happy to hear that many people just like you are partnering up with our team and creating both supplemental and life changing incomes in relatively short periods of time.

Now, before I go any further, I want to ask you a few simple questions. 

Question number one: what if you could create a real, supplemental, residual income in as little as two hours a week? 

And question number two: what if that activity merely consisted of inviting someone to watch a short video that basically did all the work for you? 

You see right now, hundreds of people are watching this same video every day and you could make hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in residual income just for referring people to this same simple message. 

Now think about that for a moment. What did you actually have to do to make your last $10,000 in income? 

Uh, more than likely it was a lot harder than sharing a video, right? 

So hopefully I have your attention and as you’re going to soon see, the reason for putting together this post is that this is the fastest, easiest, and most productive way to get accurate information out.

Also this post is NOT about trying to convince you of something or sell you anything. This message is to merely help me identify people who are currently open to the idea of creating a second stream of income.

Now you’re probably wondering “Ok, what’s the pitch? “

Well, here it is… 

You see I’ve found a way to capitalize financially on one of the largest, fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the world.

How lucrative? 

How about currently its an 8 TRILLION DOLLAR industry…

That’s TRILLION with a T!

You see, history teaches us that the people who position themselves in front of major trends and opportunities before they happen can change theirs or their family’s financial status significantly in very short periods of time.

So what’s this lucrative industry and trend I’m talking about?

It’s the travel industry.

And when I say travel, I mean everything from hotels, to cruises, to flights, to rental cars…you name it…and as you’re about to read, this is just the tip of the iceberg and what I’m going to briefly explain to you is that this is unlike anything you may have heard before…and it’s just getting started.

Trip to the Carribbean

…so let me get back to the pitch…

What if you could be a part of a global push to actually Uberize the 8 Trillion dollar travel industry using our extremely unique, customer acquisition model that will basically spin off cash and create for you what we like to call a perpetual income generator….and what if you didn’t have to sell anything or create a new buying habit to do it?

Now that’s kind of a mouth full, but if you will follow me here I’ll easily explain how you can earn a real, lasting, residual income much easier and faster than you may have ever seen before.

Now if you don’t mind, I want to rabbit trail for a moment and tell you a quick personal story that impacted my life and my decision to be a part of this new movement.

Remember a moment ago when I mentioned getting in front of trends before they happened?…well 9 years ago I actually had the opportunity to be in on the ground floor with one of my personal friends in the travel industry but in my haste, I didn’t actually take the time to review what my friend was explaining to me and as a knee jerk reaction just said ‘not interested’ and moved on.

So here’s the kicker…my friend said yes and actually earned over 23 million dollars in just a few years.

Now I’m not implying that you or I are going to make that kind of income but I thought that this might be relevant to what I’m going to share with you..

You see what I want to do right now is to get you thinking. 

Now remember when I said “Uberize” the travel industry?

Well lets take a deeper dive into that concept…

More than likely you know exactly who the company Uber is and more than likely you know that in just a few short years they became a multi billion dollar company.

So how’d they do it?

People were invited to create FREE accounts that when the need arose to get from point A to point B they just opened their app or website and clicked a few buttons and BOOM, they booked a ride for much cheaper. 

Now as word quickly spread about the savings and ease in which people could book a ride, people by the millions created FREE accounts.

So my question is, how much money have you made from Uber growing to a multi billion dollar company?

Nothing right?

Well what if you could be a part of a new company that’s modeling this same customer acquisition model and just like Uber, offered something for FREE to people who were already going to rent a car, already going book a hotel, already going to go on a cruise, already going to book a flight…you get the picture.

…but here’s the BEST part…

What if you were compensated for your referral NOT when a person spent money but when a person saved money?

Ok, so follow me here…and prepare to get excited.

Because our referral model requires ZERO dollars in traditional advertising, we can, 100% of the time, acquire a loyal customer cheaper than every other company out there who’s probably spending MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars weekly in advertising.

This means that in almost every case we can offer a much deeper discount to all of our customers in the form of savings and because that customer was acquired at no cost, 50% of the savings goes to you as a referral commission.

Did you get that? If not I’m going to give you an example…

Mary mentions to you that she wants to take the family to Las Vegas for a weekend get away…

…You give Mary a link to a back door pricing website and a FREE code so she can set up a private account.

Mary goes into her account, does an apples to apples comparison against all the other popular travel engines out there and see’s that she’s going to save 37% or $476.22 on her weekend trip at one of the 5 star hotels. 

So here’s what this means to you.

You are compensated for referring that website and code to Mary by being paid 50% of the savings, which in Mary’s case was $476.22 so you would receive $238.11 just for helping Mary save money using a free account.

Aruba Baby!

Understand that this is just one example of the thousands and thousands of actual customers our team is acquiring and many people just like you are earning significant, secondary incomes for merely helping people save money.

Now remember at the beginning of this post I asked if you would like to get paid great money just for referring people to watch a video? 

Well, let me kind of explain that in a little better detail. 

You see all our team is doing is this, we’re simply messaging people all over the world access to view an interactive presentation on their phone or their computer at their leisure that goes into much better detail about the significance of this program and income opportunity.

This system allows people just like you to quickly and easily invite people to potentially explore in more detail this opportunity. 

So let me leave you with some final thoughts. Who Do you know thats ever booked a flight, rented a car, gone on a cruise, stayed at a hotel and would probably like to save money the next time they do it? 

And who Do you know that might be interested in making some extra income, and had at least the ambition to blow the fuzz off a peanut and is sharp enough to share a video without hurting themselves.

I mean, if you thought of just a handful of people out of the questions I just asked, then you’ve got a real shot in a real opportunity to make some serious supplemental income. 

How its done in Maui. 

Like I said earlier, hundreds of people are consistently watching this short video, and many of those people are acting on the information shared and getting involved. 

Question is, are you going to be the person who collects the check for referring some of those people or is someone else going to be spending your money? 

So in closing, I encourage you to actually watch this video I mentioned or contact me directly on my cell, 614-302-8665 or email me mike@mikehealytraining.com and we can chat about the income possibilities.

Hi, I'm Mike Healy. Nice to meet you. 
I'm looking for motivated people who want to build a global team in our new company.

 I'm a seven figure earner in the industry and #1 Recruiter in the company. I have a very extensive background in networking and internet marketing and can set you up with my trainings and systems to help you quickly build a business. Please review the information on this site to see what I can offer you. Thanks!
Hi, I’m Mike Healy. Nice to meet you. I’m looking for motivated people who want to build a global team in our new company.

 I’m a seven figure earner in the industry and #1 Recruiter in the company. I have a very extensive background in networking and internet marketing and can set you up with my trainings and systems to help you quickly build a business. Please review the information on this site to see what I can offer you. Thanks!

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