The SHOCKING Celebrity “Fountain of Youth” Secret now Available WITHOUT a Prescription!

I recently did a Google search and this is what popped up. Now I’m not positive these people are using hgh but some of their before and after photos kind of defy logic…


Can you even remember the days when you could eat anything, had more energy than you knew what to do with, had good muscle tone and people of the opposite sex were checking you out?

So what the heck happened? Apparently something that everyone has to face called aging.

Then something CRAZY happened…

Science and technology created breakthroughs in the Anti-aging arena and ‘viola’ you can now reverse the effects or even slow them down by using prescription Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or Testosterone Replacement therapy…but wait…these solutions are VERY expensive and typically only the financially elite can afford them and who the heck wants to pay thousands of dollars a month to stick needles in their behinds?….the GREAT NEWS is there’s an Over the Counter solution for a FRACTION of the cost!

So What’s the Solution?…
Introducing the First of it’s Kind, FDA Registered, Over the Counter, Transdermal Delivery,  HGH Supplement Gel…

Now Available to the Public!

I’ll save you some time searching all over the internet for people using this stuff. There are TONS of testimonies and they just keep rolling in.

The Results Speak for Themselves…

As you’ll see I just took screenshots of people from various social media sites.

I’m just as skeptical as the next person and maybe more but a lot of these people had mutual friends of mine so I trusted the legitimacy of the images and what people had to say.

“This gel really does work! I took pictures just before I started the gel, and am just finishing up my 4th week! At 63 I’ve tried so many different skin care products, and have never seen any improvements, but look at the difference in just 4 weeks of using the gel! I can hardly believe it! Plus there are all the other benefits of feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy, and I could go on and on!”

This is my husband. He was smart and took before pics! In 4 weeks he has lost 12 lbs of weight, but look at the progress in his midsection. This stuff is the real deal. His knee pain is greatly diminished and he’s finally sleeping well. What’s even better – his blood pressure is lower than it’s ever been. This is really a life changing product.

After 3 weeks, definitely more lean. I was a little skeptical, to be honest at first. Count me a believer. All Gel’s about to let loose. This is IT! Brian, you were right. Thanks, kid (Diet and Exercise remained the same..but I have found that now I have more energy, so workouts are more focused and intense)

Couldn’t be happier with these results! I’ll say I’m eating right but DEFINITELY not dieting. Slipping in the occasional burger and ice cream, but in general eating right and just excited about becoming healthier while adding significant passive income! 🙂

So How Can You Get Some of this Amazing Product?

From what I found out, this product was being sold to only an exclusive group of people for quite a few years with nearly a 90% reorder rate. Due to the efficacy of this product and the demand, they started a company called New U Life.

Since this is a product that can’t normally be advertised on platforms like Google and such, New U Life launched as a direct selling company just a few months ago.
They have one product. Somaderm© Gel.


New U Life’s SOMADERM© Gel is the only transdermal, FDA registered product, containing Homeopathic human growth hormone.

The benefits listed below are based on clinical studies where individuals growth hormone levels were brought to a healthy level under the care and direction of a licensed medical professional.

*May support better mood*May support healthier hair, skin & nails*May promote hair growth*May increase joint mobility*May enhance libido*May increase fat loss (especially around the mid-section)*May support greater muscle tone*May increase strength*May improve memory*May increase bone density
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
*These statements are based on clinical studies where individuals growth hormone levels were brought to a healthy level under the care and direction of a licensed medical professional.

It’s been said that ‘timing is everything’ and I think this very short video does a good job of showing you the potential of just that.

Ask yourself who do you know that wants those types of benefits….pretty much everyone, right?

And can you imagine the demand for something like this?

Are People REALLY Excited About This Product?

One of the best bits of advice I was ever given was “Check the data. People lie, numbers don’t”. So that’s just what I did.

The image below shows you the steady growth of website traffic to their sites proving that this product is garnering some serious attention.

After doing some serious due diligence, I came to the conclusion that “I’d be STUPID not to take advantage of this product and opportunity”.

Here’s a great interview with some DR’s discussing the benefits an cautions of using an HGH Gel.

Ready to Get Started?

Thanks for your time and attention. If you are ready to get started, get back with the person that shared this information with you…

Want to Know More About the Business Opportunity?

If you are not familiar with the direct selling model that’s ok. All it really is is word of mouth marketing which we all do everyday.

There are over 150 Million people world wide who actively purchase from or build a direct selling business.

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