Update From Jason Anderson...

 today (Thursday, 11.23.23) at 5:00 pm UTC the last gifts that we are going to give out at this time will start!!!
 this is a per License  gift so mint all will get you the same as minting slowly.
 I need everyone's support and help to pass this message along.
 there is no need to keep anything else back or to only Mint one per day.
 you can enjoy your family today and mint tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday it won't matter when as long as it's before 5:00  p.m. Monday Mountain Standard Time.
 on Tuesday all of the micros will be converted to standards if you have over 100 and then you can choose to Mint one last time at the end of the month with your last withdrawal.
 I appreciate everyone this month and a big thank you for the next big announcement and preview of V2 taking place beginning of next week.
 the new system is clean and very easy to use. 1) you will need your seed words. 2) you will need to decide to separate all of your nFTs into different wallets for security (this is common 101 crypto protocol) you choose what's right for yourself but I suggest no more than 25% of your nfts in any single wallet.  unless you only have a few total! also this is not the time to be OCD and have all of the same in the same place. think about it as if one wallet gets completely destroyed or compromised you don't want to lose all of one project.  3) help others as much as possible. 4) make sure you are on the correct website as we are already seeing scam sites of V2 popping up this is very important and very scary as the new systems do not have email or TFA needed just wallet connect
5)be one of the first because of this point it's likely 50%  of the licenses will be turned off because they have not been minted yet and rewards are going to Skyrocket until they do what they are supposed to do.
 a big thanks to all!
 also there is no charge for staking but around the first of the year get ready for the next round of endless fun!
 if you stake or lock up One debt token for 12 months on the new V2 you will be gifted one nft per project for the whole year. so 12 projects equals 12 free!
 you only need to Mint ($25).
 staked debt is not a change of your ownership, it is yours and it gets unlocked at the end of 12 months.
 if you stake two debt tokens for 12 months you will get two free nfts per project all year.
 this is per wallet so if you have multiple you can stake in multiple wallets and get more.
 up to five five debt tokens Can Be Staked per wallet and up to five gifts per wallet per Stake.
 so 50 projects over the year will be 50 times five nfts available to you.
 no you don't have to Mint everything or anything.
 no you don't need to stake anything, but if you decide to keep the party going you can absolutely do that.
 Vboxes will allow a single wallet to stake an extra 20 debt tokens. This  will  allow a single wallet to stake 25 debt tokens instead of just five.
 big benefit to simplify wallets also Vboxes will be transferable and will be desirable as we grow to millions of wallets around the world!!!

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