If you’ve followed any of my trainings, read my books, listened to my CD’s, watched my videos etc, etc… you know I only got into business in the first place to earn enough money for a good lifestyle and more importantly to call my own shots.

I’m assuming that’s something that appeals to you as well..

So here’s what I want to share with you, and this is IMPORTANT…

…I launched my own company and I wanted you to know about it. 

Now I’ve sold just about everything under the sun in hopes of building a lasting residual income only to have markets change, company owners make their own rules and on and on…. but what my partners and I have come up with is an absolute game changer.

…and I’m inviting you to take a look.

Here’s the opportunity in a nutshell…

…We offer solutions for businesses, such as better pricing on natural gas and electricity, waste and recycling and credit card processing…YEP!

Picture getting paid every time someone uses a credit card at a place of business…and in some cases picture that happening hundreds of times DAILY

The opportunity is that YOU have the ability to earn a REAL, long lasting, large, residual income on the usage of these services. 

All you have to do is refer a business to us by collecting a little bit of information like name of business, city, state etc., then submit which service or all of them depending on the type of business, and we do a FREE analysis on these services and offer the business best/better pricing, big savings and more profitability.

Because we wouldn’t have this customer without you, we pay you a residual income on any one or all the services the business chooses.

We’ve already had plenty of people submit deals that pay 10’s of thousands of dollars annually to them.

Since I’m one of the owners, I wanted to reach out to you and get you a first movers advantage and set you up with an absolutely free, business advisor account.

If you want to see exactly how it all works you can watch this video.

If this looks like something you’d be interested in, then just let me know and I will get you a sign up link to get your account set up quickly.

If you think about it, there’s nothing else out there that allows you to earn the size of income we offer with the minimal effort actually involved. 

Here’s a more detailed video on how to earn a residual income with our company.

Thanks again for at least looking,

Mike Healy