(I’m the short guy in the picture. 😂)

I’m excited to share my ‘who I am’ story with you.

Here’s the short version…

In 1994 I decided to get out of the bar business as a bouncer and bartender and join a network marketing company. Because of that decision I’ve become direct selling seven figure earner in networking, an entrepreneur, business consultant, internet marketing expert, book author, public speaker, sales trainer, business coach, and business owner.

I know that’s pretty broad, but in a nutshell I like to solve puzzles, especially in business.

I’ve estimated that the organizations I’ve worked with, trained and deployed have done well over $75 million in global sales and counting.

I’ve trained thousands of people world wide and built multiple sales teams in the thousands multiple times.

I never went to college, but married an awesome girl who did.

If you were to narrow down my passion, it’s probably training people.

Many people have told me that they love my trainings since I’m somehow able to make something complicated and hard, easy to understand and simple to execute.

Now I teach what I’ve learned and help people ‘get their life back’ so they can begin to call their own shots.

Here’s the LONG version of my story…

If you’ve go the time and want to read something pretty incredible, you may enjoy the long version of my life’s story…


Fast forward from birth in 1968 to 1985…

It was my senior year in high school…

I had all aspirations of going into the military, (something I had thought about since about the age of 5) all I wanted to do was join the special forces and basically become Rambo.

The problem was that 3 days before my first senior football game as the starting nose guard, I made a tackle and during the collision broke my femur literally in half.

The crazy thing was that the month previous, I had gotten my physical, signed the papers, joined the military, and was ready to roll as soon as graduation ended.

In a split second everything I had planned, thought of and dreamed about went right out the window. (I had to have pins put in my leg = discharge)

Rehab lasted months. Was in a wheelchair for about 2 months, cast and crutches for 2 more then finally just a brace. Senior year was not as planned. LOL

…but enough about that. All good.

So in 1986 after graduation this was pretty much the path I took…

Worked a few odd jobs just to say I was ‘doing something with my life”.

I worked at a fast food restaurant for a while. Gained 18lbs.

Worked at a stone quarry. Basically prison with a slightly better check.

Had a job blowing insulation into roofs for a couple months. HATED IT!

Worked at a canoe livery. This one was fun.

After a year or so I moved down to Columbus and lived on campus even though I was not going to college.

I got a job as a banquet set up guy at the Holiday Inn across from St. John’s arena. This one actually paid off big later since I knew pretty much everything you ever wanted or needed to know about event set up.

Most nights after working at the hotel, I would go out with some friends to the campus bars since I had made the grandfather clause of being able to drink at 19.

…then I got an offer to work as a bouncer down on Ohio State campus in some of the bars.

Uh oh!

…”so you’re going to pay me to come to a place I’m already going? Count me in!”

As it turns out, I pretty much had a gift when it came to fighting.

More than likely I had some pent up aggression issues from being bullied all my life and now that I could bench 400, squat 500 and had enough of a wrestling background from high school to be dangerous, these ‘new found skills’ all seemed to come together.

Eventually I became not only the head of security for the bar I was working in but was also pretty much the go to guy when any of the other 11 clubs we managed had security issues that they couldn’t handle.

They would call our club and tell them to send “Guns and his crew”. …let me clarify.

Guns is the nickname I got when I first got the job and the manager couldn’t remember my name and I had my sleeves cut off of my Motorhead t-shirt and he yelled, “Hey….uh, you…with the ‘bigguns’”.

Some other people heard it, shortened it to Guns and the name stuck. In fact that’s still what my wife calls me. If she ever calls me Mike, it’s usually because I am in trouble.

Not to go into detail about the chaos that those years on OSU campus bars entailed, but it resulted in getting shot at a few times, nearly stabbed, plenty of busted up knuckles and other close calls. (I could easily go on for days about those times but let’s save that for another time)

Into my third year of bouncing and bartending I ‘moved up’ in where I was working to some larger night clubs around Columbus. Again, the ‘fighting skill set’ paid off and I was now making more money since I was not just bouncing but was bartending as well.

…fast forward to about my 7th year in the bar business where I had moved to Arlington, Texas to help open a new night club.

On my very first night working, I almost got this really hot waitress fired thinking she was ‘skimming”.

Turns out that I just did my math wrong. Oops! Later found out that she was from Columbus Ohio as well….Yep, she’s now my wife of more than 22 years.

So Stacy and I fell in love, moved back to Columbus both got jobs in other bars.

At this point I was SO burned out from bartending, late nights, fighting, and drinking about 12 beers and a quarter bottle of tequila a night, something had to change.


One of the guys I knew from campus turned out to be a Navy Seal who kept in touch with me.

One day out of the blue he called me and invited me to some meeting at a hotel to show me something. Knowing I wanted out of the bar business and looking for anything I was actually excited to see what this meeting was all about.

So on the Monday of the meeting I called him to find out what time we needed to meet and he told me he couldn’t take me since he was fighting with his girlfriend but we would go the next week.

Next week came.

I called him.

Same thing… except this time he was fighting with his OTHER girlfriend.

Third week I called. He says, “Yeah, we can go. Both of them broke up with me. Meet you at 7.”  (True story)

The meeting was run by a former farmer from southern Ohio who was a really nice guy but definitely not a public speaker. His presentation was long, boring and pretty much un-enthusiastic….

…however when he flipped to the last page of this 3×5 paper flip chart and showed the commissions that could be made, I immediately straightened up, got a burst of adrenaline and said “This is for me!”.

I joined that company. It was called, Excel Telecommunications.

They marketed cheaper long distance phone service during the time of the monopoly break up of this utility. (They ultimately became a billion dollar company and thousands of people became millionaires)

Turns out that there were people making more money monthly than I had ever even heard of people making annually.

In fact the number one earner at the time was a great guy named, Paul Orberson, who at the time was earning over $600,000 monthly.

During my time in Excel I met some amazing people who I’m still close friends with today.

I also had the opportunity to hang out with Paul on multiple occasions since some of the guys I was friends with were very close friends of Paul’s.

Now when I first joined Excel I was ‘ignorance on fire’ to say the least. All I knew was that I was excited, saw a new future and was going to go after it.

I pretty much talked to everyone I could and told them how I was going to make it big…most laughed and said stuff like, ‘It’s a scam. It’s a pyramid. You don’t know anything about business, why do you think you’re going to make any money?”…and on and on.

I made no money my first month. No money my second month. And $285.62 my third month.

Since this was my first check as an entrepreneur, it was actually one of the most significant.

The big thing now was that this ‘opportunity’ was real and since I was still in the bar business I was now at a cross roads.

Do I quit my bartending job and go full time in my new business? Such tough decisions can’t be taken lightly…or can they.


It was a Friday night. The bar was just starting to get busy. The dueling pianos at Howl at the Moon, where I was currently bartending, were leading the patrons into songs of bliss leading to more shots of liquid happiness.

They had called me into work early but just to be on call…I wanted to be there that night like I wanted to eat broken glass and chase it with lemon juice.

So as I waited, I decided to walk to the bar next door, do 3 shots of vodka, have 3 beers and get primed for the long night ahead.

Apparently that much alcohol in an hour can cloud your thinking.  LOL

As I finally walked back to the bar I was working at a thought just popped in my head.

Quit your job and go full time in networking!

So like many other significant decisions in peoples lives I did what everyone else did, asked my other bartender friend Mary to pour me a shot as I flipped a coin.

She asked what I was doing and I said I couldn’t handle this any more so I said, “Tails I stay. Heads I go.”

It came up Heads.

I slammed the shot. Smiled and waved good bye as I looked at her amused and stunned reaction as I walked out.

Yep, that was it. My major turning point….a coin toss.


Looking back, I knew why I had suddenly quit my job to pursue my dreams…

Just a few weeks earlier I had traveled with a few friends who were also in Excel to a meeting in Atlanta GA where we learned some great things about building our business.

On the way back through Kentucky one of the guys I was with, who was close friends with Paul, the number one money earner in Excel asked if we would like to stop by his house and meet him.

Obviously we all said yes.

I remember the butterflies I actually had before I met Paul.

I had read so many great things about him in the company magazine. Listened to countless cassette tapes of his talks and now here I was about to meet the man in person.

As he answered the door, I just waited expecting that when Paul answered he would be in a suit and tie or maybe a flowing robe with a crown on his head or maybe…. LOL

…but instead, Paul answered the door at about 9:30 PM in sweat pants, tube socks, a white t-shirt and he even had a chew in his lip.


Here were my thoughts…”I wear sweats. I own tube socks. I know people who chew. Maybe I can be like Paul after all?”.

During our meeting at his house and some idle chit chat I finally mustered up the courage to ask him a few questions.

My first really dumb question was, “Did you read all the books behind you?”.

My next question actually had some potential…”I’ve never done anything like this and have no idea what I’m doing. Is there anything you could recommend?.

**Here’s a clue**

Ask successful people how they did it, then do it.

…Paul stood up from his chair, walked over to the book case and grabbed a tattered and torn book being held together with scotch tape.

The book was “All you can do is all you can do. But all you can do is enough” by A.L Williams.

Paul looked at the book, then looked at me and said these words…”Mike, this here’s the Bible of Network marketing. Go get yourself a copy, read it and do what he says.”

BOOM! Mic drop.

The next day I went immediately to the closest Barnes and Noble’s and found the book.

The crazy thing was, that this was the very FIRST book I had ever actually read that was not a school text book.

I devoured it!

The principles in that book just leaped off the pages and burned themselves into my being…especially the story about “Burning your bridges”.

In the book Art explained how a military captain had his badly out numbered, underfed, tired, and disheartened troops running from the enemy.

This captains troops were the last line of defense against a much larger troop who was baring down on them.

The captains men had reached a river that they had to cross to escape.

However the captain ordered the boats to be burned stating that they had to take a stand and gave themselves no way of retreat.

The troops who had there backs against it, WON!

Obviously the moral of the story is that sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Burn your bridges decisions.

That’s what I did when I quit the bar business that night.

I knew that if I just played it safe and stayed where there was a guaranteed paycheck I would never really do anything significant and probably end up like the parents of some of my close friends who worked dead end jobs that you could obviously see on their faces was robbing them of any real joy and personal satisfaction.


So after a few years working Excel full time, I was able to make enough money to pay the bills and more importantly call my own shots.

Stacy my wife was still working but now as a waitress in a Chili’s.

During our entire marriage she has been more than supportive and we’ve always tackled things together.

I know more than a handful of spouses that put down the dreams and aspirations of the other person for fear of the unknown and the so called security of a ‘real job’.

Stacy never has done that. She’s always been supportive, even when it’s burn the bridges time.

One of the problems I had to overcome with my new venture was the fear of public speaking. I mean my heart used to pound out of my chest when I knew I had to get up in front of everyone and talk.

…as my love for my girlfriend, Stacy grew, I knew that it was time to make a commitment and ask her to marry me.

So why not kill two birds with one stone?

Knowing that one way to overcome fear was to face it head on, I decided that I was going to ask Stacy to marry me at an Excel event where Paul was the guest speaker.

That night over 2,300 people had gathered to hear Paul tell his rags to riches story and inspire people to get out of their comfort zones.

My zone was about to get crushed.

I figured that if I could propose to Stacy in front of this many people that speaking in front of people would definitely be easier than this moment.

I had already arranged it with the person who hosted to the meeting so that after Paul spoke they would invite me up.

When they did, I had Stacy join me. She thought I was getting some kind of award.

All of a sudden I took the mic, took a knee then popped the question.

When she said yes the crowd erupted. I cried. She cried.

Leaving the stage we began to pass Paul and he stopped us said that was awesome then reached into his pocket, pulled out a hundred dollar bill and said here ya go, dinners on me.


Apparently we decided to fast track everything.

From the time of the engagement, we got married just a few months later and then a few months after that decide to start a family.

Stacy got pregnant pretty quickly and after 9 months we were gifted with this little bundle of joy named Alexis.

I’ll have to admit that I’ve been in some pretty frighting situations before but nothing like the moment you realize that YOU are now responsible for this helpless little child.

But here’s what I realized and what I decided, I was up for the challenge and nothing was going to stop me from being the best dad I could be and providing for our new addition.

Everything I did in business and now in life had new meaning and significance.

I always heard people talk about setting goals and motivation and one thing that stood out was the phrase “Your shy should make you cry”.

So when I was giving one on one presentations, I had a little picture of Alexis in my presentation folder so that when I was about to begin I would be able to see it and know why I was doing what I was doing and that she was counting on me.

As the months progressed, her picture would change every 6 months then about 3 years later my first son, Isaiah, was born and now I had both of them counting on me.

As they both grew nothing was more fulfilling than coming home from a presentation or meeting and having them greet me with loving arms.


After 4 hard years in Excel, I had a friend of mine call me and tell me about another company doing the same thing but with a better commission plan.

At first I completely blew them off but due to some changes in Excel and what I knew was the decline of that opportunity I finally decided to listen to my friend and then shortly there after joined his new company.

The company was called iTi.

They were also a company marketing cheaper long distance service but had a better pay structure and within a few months, I was already making more money there than I was in Excel after 4 years.

Since I now had 4 years of good experience, getting this one going was much easier and I quickly flew through the ranks to become one of their top producers and even was being paid extra to travel on the companies dime to train other groups around the country.

iTi was a great experience and I learned a lot.

In fact one of the most significant revelations that I believe has really led to my success was a lunch meeting I had with one of the top money earners in this company.

In fact the story I’m about to tell you is how I start my book, “Network Marketing Made Easy. The five easy steps to earn money like a network marketing pro”, that I wrote just a few years ago.

The conversation we had at that lunch make an incredible and lasting impression on me.

It completely changed the way I thought about building a network marketing business forever.

This guy was making huge money and had built a team of over 20,000+ reps in only a short period of time.

I personally thought I had as much talent as he did and the guy was even a few years younger than me.

After talking for a while I finally asked, “How and the heck did you build a team this big, this fast while I seem to go to every meeting and training and still can’t get my business rolling?”

The simplicity of the answer was amazing….”I recruit lots of people”. TAH DAH! I laughingly said, “That doesn’t help much”.

To better prove his point, he asked me to grab a box containing his downline report. It was about the size of a large city phone book.

He showed me the first page of the report listed all the names of people he had personally enrolled.

Beside each of those names was the number of people they had personally enrolled.

He then asked me to just read out loud the name of each person and how many reps they had each enrolled.

So I began, ” Joe 2. Terry 0. Tom 0. Ray 6. Lou 0. Lisa 0. Mike 0. Jonathan 0. Ed 42. Mimi 0. Al 0. Bill 2. Todd 0. Jerry 25….On and on It went through all 86 people he had personally enrolled.

Then he asked me if anything stood out.

I said that I noticed only a handful of people actually sponsored some people and a few of them sponsored a lot.

He then had me look up those people who had sponsored more than the rest.

Guess what?

Just like his personal report stated, so did theirs.

Many personally sponsored only a handful of workers.

What was he trying to show me?

I knew I needed to learn how to not just be a good recruiter but great recruiter.

What he said next to me is what forced me to get good at this one skill that is absolutely critical to succeed.

He said to me, “Focus on what you CAN control, not what you CAN’T control”.

It seemed at this moment that the skies parted and a light was shining down on me.

Realizing that if I got good at the skill of personally recruiting, then everything else would fall into place.

This truly was one of the greatest moments in my business career.

I’ve heard hundreds of stories from people in this industry.

It ALWAYS comes down to this one amazing revelation….If you want a bigger check get more reps.

WOW! How brilliant. (Try and stop laughing) But it’s true.

So after this new revelation that’s pretty much what I focused on…getting more reps, by learning how to get my story in front of more people quicker.


To date I’ve now personally enrolled over 1,700 people in my career.


So here I am 4 years into my second company, iTi, and the writing is on the wall that the guys running the company are starting to make some poor decisions.

Decisions that pretty much killed momentum and pay checks.

Since I was one of the top guys I did get to talk on a regular basis with some of the other people at my level.

They too where feeling the pain of the poor decisions and some of them were even looking at other companies.

…now I’m not saying that just because a company has a hic-up or some hard times means it’s time to bolt, but back then I didn’t know any better and I figured that if these other guys who had much larger checks and way bigger teams were looking maybe I should too.

In fact my sponsor who was a top earner invited me for a ‘fly in’ to see another company.

Since no one had ever invited me to do anything cool like that and I sure felt important to be invited, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes

After all, what harm could it do to just look…

…apparently a lot of harm.

One thing I have learned in the networking industry is that companies protect themselves more than they protect the reps.

…and top reps who have lots to lose will do whatever it takes to protect themselves as well.

Not to be harsh here but it’s a reality.

So basically my upline got word that my sponsor had invited me down there and I went with a few other people from the company.

Once I got back, I got a phone call from the corporate guys at iTi stating that I had somehow violated their polices and that they were going to terminate me.

Are you kidding!?…nope.

So since I got terminated obviously everything I had worked for in residuals just went out the window.

It really did feel like my heart was broken and my dreams were being dashed.

Now due to the new circumstances, I didn’t have much of a choice but to do the new company and try and get a check again.

So I launched into this new venture with guns a blazing…

…problem was that they didn’t have a clue how to run a networking company.

In fact as this new company was launching I found out that they really didn’t have any money backing it and they were spending all of the money that was coming in from rep sign ups on over priced staffing and office space.

Out of blind faith I was working my butt off and still recruiting until my sponsor called me and told me all of the crazy things they were doing and letting me know that they were probably going to go out of business faster than they started.

Sure enough, only 3 months in they ran out of money and closed the doors.

…did I mention they owed me $12,500 in commissions that they didn’t have to pay me?


So here I was about 8 years into my networking career with no money in residuals. No idea what I was going to do next a wife and 2 kids to provide for.

…did I mention thank God for my wife Stacy still working in some restaurants to bring in enough money to still barely live on.

So the phone rings and it’s my sponsor from the previous company.

He’s all excited and starts telling me that he met a guy that was working as an IT guy with this new company and they conjured up some idea about starting there own.

It was going to be a pre-paid gasoline discount company…Sounded great!

What could possibly go wrong?  …LOL again.

So again I go to work recruiting, doing some home meetings and building like crazy.

Good news. People loved the idea and were signing up like crazy.

Bad news. The pre paid gas cards didn’t work.

This meant that we were pretty much building a Ponzi scheme.

After realizing that the cards weren’t going to work and I had to tell all those people that I’d recruited that it was basically going to die, the company decided to scrap the gas card idea and start selling products.

…just shoot me.

Here I am trying to figure out what I’m going to do next pretty much scared out of my mind that I have now residuals and now no money of any kind coming in.

To say I was frustrated at the networking concept at this moment was an understatement.

I’d basically put in 10 years of blood, sweat and tears to make it work and not have to go get a job and here I was having to potentially start all over again.

Now when the phone rang and I answered it, it was my former sponsor with the owner of the gas card company who was now switching to supplements giving me the pitch…

…but here’s the straw the broke the camels back…

On the call they said, “Mike we want you to join us in the new venture but here’s the deal…we already called your top guys and enrolled them and told them we were going to put you under them since you are such a good recruiter”.

Stunned silence. Then anger.

I was devastated and realized at that moment that I was just a pawn and there was no way I was going to work with guys who had this kind of integrity.

I declined, then cried.

The dream was over.

No more network marketing for me.

Time to get a job again after 10 years.


As a few weeks went by I started trying to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to make ends meet.

During this time I actually got my insurance license, did two deals, did both of them wrong and owed the clients more money than I would have made.

End of insurance career.  LOL

So now what the heck am I going to do?

Turns out that a friend of mine introduced me to a guy who owned a small personal training fitness center in a very nice country club and he was looking for some help and wanted to hire some other trainers.

This seemed to be right up my alley.

I had already been weight training for more than 20 years and had great people skills from all the networking I’d been doing so I thought this would be a great fit.

I took the job and faithfully got up at 3:45am every morning Monday through Friday to work clients.

I’d get home around 6PM, spend some time with the family and be in bed by 9PM so I could get up that early.

It was brutal but necessary.

But here’s where it gets good….

Most if not all of my clients were very successful people that made well over six figures and a few were even multi millionaires.

From all my years in networking I obviously knew how to ask questions to people and I had a voracious appetite for learning from successful people.

So during my trainings with the clients I would just ask them questions. Questions like, “How’d you get started in business?. What are your favorite books you’ve read? What things would you do different? Did you ever want to quit?…and on and on.

Turns out that I got pretty much a PHD in business getting paid to make millionaires sweat.

Some their stories were fascinating.

..but the BEST part that I probably needed to hear was that ALL of them had suffered terrible defeats in business not once but in most cases multiple times but just kept trying and now here they were living the life I always dreamed of.


To think that I would have ever done networking again was probably the furthest thing from my mind but like most people who’ve bought into the dreams of having a residual check and calling there own shots, it’s a spark or even a flame that I don’t think can ever go out.

Knock,. Knock.

Literally there was a knock on my door one night at 10Pm.

A good friend of mine and person I had worked with in some other networking companies had stopped at my house un expected.

He was all fired up about this new company Called Xango who had some purple mangosteen juice thing and it could this and that for people and blah, blah, blah.

I just let it go in one ear and out the other.

No way could I muster up the energy to go build another network marketing business.

Not gonna happen.

…except for the fact that he paid my way in and just wanted us to use the product and if anyone ever called us about an opportunity or wondered what we were doing, I could just direct these people to him to talk to and if they joined, he’d put them under me.

Seemed like a pretty easy deal.

Six months of this and I did refer a few people to him and they did join but I was not engaged to say the least.

…that was until they talked me into flying out to the companies national convention.

My sponsor and his upline paid for my ticket, flight and hotel….I couldn’t afford it.

At the event I remember sitting in close to the back row in the right corner with my arms crossed wondering what I was doing here.

…however some little spark of hope started to develop…I heard quite a few good testimonies and some of these people had little to no experience in the industry but were doing quite well.

That night I couldn’t take any more. I made the decision that I was going to go for it one more time as hard as I could.

I still had my job personal training but I was hustling this stuff on the side.

I even started doing home meetings every Tuesday.

It was pretty funny. I would get off of work, drive as fast as I could to get home, Stacy had already got the house ready for the meeting and was even greeting people and I would give the presentation in my personal training staff clothes.

Believe it or not the following year, I was walking across this same stage as a one of the top producers making over five figures monthly.

My meteoric rise in the company got everyones attention and soon I was speaking at the national convention in break out sessions as well as the main stage.

People were asking me so often how I was doing what I was doing that I decided to make a training DVD explaining everything I was doing.

It became a best seller.

Soon 3 out of the top 4 training CD’s or DVD’s were mine.

It was humbling.

The time I spent in Xango was probably one of the best times of my life.

Stacy and I earned every trip the company offered. Free trip to Thailand. Free trip to Rome.

Many trips to Hawaii and a few others.

We were even featured on the cover of the company magazine.

Life was good!

…then it started.

For some reason there were a lot of “Old school” networkers who were the top of the top money earners who didn’t seem to like the way I built my business, trained my people and even the recognition I was getting.

I began to hear some of the bad things that were being said about me and it really hurt.

I’m tough and all but when people you look up to and learn from start to talk bad about you behind your back it sucks.

I remember going to the last convention I attended and it was in the Salt Lake City Palace. The big one. Over 10,000 people attended.

Stacy and I got to speak on the main stage and I spoke at all of the big breakout sessions.

(I literally lost my voice by Monday from talking)


…at that last convention they had a massive tools and swag room and when you walked in they had these 4 giant 20ft posters of the top trainers in the company and mine was one of them….humbling again.

The funny thing was, was that I was close to 20 years younger than the other guys up there.

…and I’m pretty sure that’s why so many people liked what I was training on.

I’ve always had this ability to take something complicated and simplify it.

I did that with every aspect and people loved it.

During this same time, this is when the internet was finally starting to get some traction and I was fascinated by it and it’s potential for using it to build a network marketing business.

In fact I’m pretty confident that I was the very first person in that company to do webinars.

People were blown away by them.

I also helped launch an entire website marketing system that grew to be one of the largest in the company.


I was involved with Xango just over 4 years and had finally made over seven figures in a network marketing business.

…the other thing that happened was that I was learning more and more internet skills that I knew could be applied.

If you’re still reading congratulations!

It’s kind of hard to put down almost 25 years of business experience on a single page.

Let’s continue…

After Xango I joined another company named Zurvita and right out of the gates I was their number one money earner and top recruiter.

They launched as an energy company but it happened in 2008 when the market crashed and the rates went through the roof and killed the margins and opportunity.

They did re launch as a supplement company and are doing great today but I couldn’t wait and joined another company that had some fancy tech and became one of the top 5 earners there.

In fact one week I earned $52,000 just for the week. It was rocking….then turns out the owners didn’t actually have the promised tech and the thing eventually died.

I did a couple other companies with good success and continued learning more internet skills.

I got out of networking for a few years and started consulting and now that I had all these cool new marketing skills, people who knew me began to hire me to consult with them and in some cases build their entire marketing systems and do there online advertising.

A few years of doing this and then I got another call from another friend about a 4 year old energy company he was doing and was making great money with.

I took a trip up to their home quarters, like what I saw, joined and went to work.

Since I had learned so much doing all of this marketing for other companies and had close to 15 years of network marketing experience, I built some KILLER systems for my team that worked so well that eventually everyone in the company was using my stuff to build their

Businesses with.

I quickly became the top recruiter and number 2 money earner.

I built a team in the thousands that amassed over 42,000 customers in just under 3 years.

…then it happened again.  UUGHHG!!!!

Turns out the owner of the company had made some bad business decisions and was now taking those out on the reps in the company by changing the pay plan and product offerings.

I watch my business and income drop by 55% in only 3 months!

Eventually I knew that this was the end and moved on.


Because I had a good enough reputation in the industry and people were hearing about the things I could put together I began to get more consulting gigs which more than paid the bills.

One fun one I did was with a 2 billion dollar company.

And probably the best part is that I’ve been able to be paid to actually learn this marketing stuff.

I guess out of all the things I’ve said and if you were to sit down and ask me questions about all these good and bad experiences, I’d tell you this…

…I get to control my destiny and no one can take away the skills I’ve learned.

Think about that for moment…

…sure you can have a company fold or lose your job or what ever but the more skills you obtain especially in todays business world of internet marketing, you become more and more valuable and give yourself a massive advantage over people.

Perfect example…

…I had no plans what so ever to do another networking company.

I actually launched my own energy company  a few years ago and it’s going great so I didn’t really have the time to do something else.


…now that I’ve figured out how to market online, build marketing funnels, drive paid traffic to them and convert them into customers slash reps, I couldn’t help myself.

Check this out…

….I just joined a company to be a product user more than anything but it’s pretty unique with and just launching.

Because of what I know how to do with online marketing, I’ve sponsored 79 people in only a couple months and here’s the best part…


Yep. I literally set up some of the things I know how to do with marketing and these people signed up with me without me prospecting them, calling them on the phone, begging them, going to meetings or anything.

I just get emails that say “Congratulations! A new representative has joined your organization.”

Think about that?

How would you like to automate your recruiting?

How wold you like to have people joining you with out you even actually talking to them UNTIL they’ve joined?

Here’s what I know…

Old school principles will never change. The more people you talk to the bigger chance you have of succeeding.

…the thing to understand though is that with New school technology like marketing funnels, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads and Google Ads, you can absolutely crush it.

Here’s a perfect example to really get you thinking…

…if you knew for a fact that if you talked to the right person at the right time about the right thing your chances of success go from a 1 out of 10 to about an 8 out of 10, how quickly would you want to learn how to find that type of person?

This is why I teach what I teach.

I know what it’s like to make a list of 500 names and start dialing the phone. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

The way I do it now is I can actually target 500 people or more PER DAY if I want to.

…and not just anyone hoping the odds are in my favor, I’m talking about the right person at the right time.

It’s insane!

So if you recall I mentioned that one of my passions and driving forces is to help people and train them to succeed.

That’s why I’ve created this site, my YouTube channel and these courses.

Life is short. Make it happen. Control your destiny.

Thanks for reading this and if we ever meet in person and you want any intricate details just ask.

Mike Healy


I think this is worth mentioning…

I haven’t missed anything with my kids. I’ve seen it all because I own my own life.

….since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I would add some of my past experiences as well.


Name: Mike Healy
Age: 41
Years in business: 16
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Movie: Rudy
Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Quote: “Do today what others won’t, so you can live today like others can’t”
My business background is in  the Network Marketing industry. I have built Million Dollar downlines in multiple companies. I have been recognized world wide as a top leader in the MLM industry. I am also the author of multiple training CD’s & DVD’s that have sold  over 100,000 copies internationally. I have also had the opportunity to speak to crowds from 10 to 1