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 Million Dollar Producer & 20 Year MLM Veteran, Mike Healy, Reveals His Proven Systems, Tools and Strategies For Success in The Network Marketing Profession.

…What You’ll Find Inside These Videos

  • If you’re in Network Marketing and you’re struggling to recruitstruggling to get leads and have yet to build a team in the thousands and your last check… (if you even got one) wouldn’t pay for dinner out, then what I’m about to share with you is going to completely change your future.
  • If you’ll let me, I will teach you how to quickly generate leadseasily recruitcreate crazy duplicationbuild a massive team, position you to win your company’s contests and become the envy of your peers and much, much more.
  • Ultimately, I want to help you make a lot more money and teach you how to become a Network Marketing Rock Star.

Video #1: Change Can Happen

You will hear first hand how I went from a broke, alcoholic bouncer and bartender to successful entrepreneur and top money earner. You will hear about  my encounter with a multi-millionaire and the advice he gave me that changed my life forever.

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Video #2: Developing The Entrepreneurial Mindset

This will help you develop what I call an Entrepreneurial Mindset.
You’ll discover the 4 categories that people fall into and understand why most people stay at levels of poverty and why only the very few move to massive levels of prosperity.

Video #3: The Power of Being Leveraged

I cover in detail the Power of being Leveraged.  What it means…how it happens… and how to get others to easily understand why they need to be leveraged as well.

Video #4: The 2 Critical Laws of Networking

This will cover 2 critical laws (my laws) in Networking.
The first is the Hierarchy of Needs. This principle alone can be responsible for you quickly attracting or losing top producers in your business.
The second critical law in Networking is called Community & Culture.
I diagram out how groups or communities are formed, how you can create so much momentum in that group that people are practically begging you to join.

Video #5: How to Implement Systems That Sell For You

 I show you how to create and implement systems that sell for you.
You will be an absolute slave to your business if you don’t understand and implement what I teach you in this video…it’s that important.

Video #6: The Duplication Secret

People that are looking for an opportunity are typically asking themselves 2 very important questions…knowing these 2 answers, could be hindering your business growth or moving it into a growing, thriving duplicating money machine.

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Video #7: How to Become a Person of Persuasion

What if I told you that why a person joins you in your Network Marketing company had nothing to do with the product or opportunity?
And what if you’ve been talking to people and very few, if any, are joining? …then this video is for you. I’ll give you 3 very easy methods to almost immediately begin to attract people to your team. These are the same methods that I believe single handedly changed the course of my business for the better.

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Video #8: Procurement & Processing

You see, the two biggest elements in sales and team building is how to generate leads and then what to do with them once you have them.
In this video I break down 10 fun ways to generate leads. Then show you exactly the 5 step process I have used for years to fearlessly share my business and most importantly, close those prospects.




I recently did a FB live video on EXACTLY what I’ve done for years to recruit.  I’ve now personally enrolled more than 2,000 people. 

Recruiting System for Network Marketers

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‘Feeding the Elephant’- The Psychology of Recruiting

Use Tools to Build Your MLM Business



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