Below you will find a series of videos of what I believe in, how my life changed once I got “born again” and how I’ve learned some amazing biblical principles that have propelled my life.

I give God all the credit and I believe Jesus Rocks! 🙂

If I can go from a broke, alcoholic bouncer to successful husband, father and business man then anyone can.

My wife and I were recently on The 700 Club / CBN.

My first time on a TV show-My wife and I were guests on Faith Life Now’s TV program sharing our business testimony.

Below is the video from me speaking at a Christian Business conference.

Does God want you rich? Watch the video below.

How I earned a $50,000 bonus…Gods way. Watch video below.

How giving away $120,000 changed my life- Watch video below.

From Bouncer to Business man. How it happened. – Watch Video Below.

The mystery of the prodigal son.- Watch video below

The hidden money secret I found in Psalm 23- Watch video below

I’m GIVING to my Church so WHY Isn’t it WORKING!

Mike Healy Radio Interview on The Terry Dismore Show

How I got delivered from Alcoholism

We were also featured in a chapter in this book by our Pastor, Gary Keesee. (It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read by the way)

Click on the image to check out his website. He’s got TONS of amazing teaching on there. His direct website is http://www.faithlifenow.com

Guide: How to [Rank Advance] Without [Losing Your Friends, Family & Pocketbook]