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The NOW Revolution 2.0 (CD set) by Pastor Gary Keesee

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“This teaching TOTALLY transformed my life”- Mike Healy

Are you tired of waiting for something to change? Then it’s time to change the way you think. It’s time for a revolution. Join Gary Keesee as he uses scripture, stories, humor and personal experiences to illustrate principles that will change your life. Get ready to have your eyes opened to what it really means to live in the Kingdom of God! Get ready for a revolution in your life – NOW! Get CD Set Now! Click Here


Network Marketing Made Easy, the 5 easy steps to earn money like a network marketing pro by Mike Healy


network marketing made easy

Network Marketing Made Easy, The 5 Easy Steps to Earn Money Like a Network Marketing Pro, is the definitive book on how to build a big network marketing business.
Are you tired of failing in network marketing? Then this book is for you!
Over twenty years ago, a broke bouncer and bartender had a mind blowing experience when he was introduce to network marketing for the very first time. Since that time, he has focused on developing the skills to become one of the worlds top networkers and trainers in this profession.

Mike Healy has had the privilege of training tens of thousands of people around the world with his fun and easy to apply style. Now he shares his insight and simple methods and tools in a book that will ignite your passion for this profession and help you make the decision to earn money like a pro and create the life of your dreams.
In this book, you will quickly learn : -What it takes to win -How to find unlimited amounts of prospects – How to take ALL the fear out of the recruiting process -The Proper way to invite them to view your product or opportunity -The one MAJOR tip that can get people begging to learn more -How to follow up with your prospects WITHOUT getting rejected and much, much more.
Many people who have learned these skills have said that it completely changed their future and they went from almost quitting to extraordinary success in network marketing.



How I raised myself from failure to success in selling by Frank Bettger



A business classic, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling is for anyone whose job it is to sell. Whether you are selling houses or mutual funds, advertisements or ideas — or anything else — this book is for you.
When Frank Bettger was twenty-nine he was a failed insurance salesman. By the time he was forty he owned a country estate and could have retired. What are the selling secrets that turned Bettger’s life around from defeat to unparalleled success and fame as one of the highest paid salesmen in America?
The answer is inside How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. Bettger reveals his personal experiences and explains the foolproof principles that he developed and perfected. He shares instructive anecdotes and step-by-step guidelines on how to develop the style, spirit, and presence of a winning salesperson. No matter what you sell, you will be more efficient and profitable — and more valuable to your company — when you apply Bettger’s keen insights on:

• The power of enthusiasm
• How to conquer fear
• The key word for turning a skeptical client into an enthusiastic buyer
• The quickest way to win confidence
• Seven golden rules for closing a sale



All you can do is all you can do but all you can do is enough by A.L. Williams


Art Williams started out as a high school football coach, earning $10,700. But he didn’t stay there for long. By believing in himself enough to take a chance, he became a winner who today heads his own muti-million dollar invidual life insurance company. And in this bestselling, plain-speaking, up-beat book he coaches you to the top with his winning system, which includes: a remarkable six-step plan to visualize and achieve your goals; four proven principles to help you become everytihng you ever thought you could be; proven techniques to short-circuit frustrating failure messages; frontline advice from someone whose been in your shoes, PLUS, the ultimate secret ingredient to winning. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or a pie-in-the-sky promise, but a phenomenal program that proves it’s never too late to start again, with powerful tools and a revolutionary belief in your own unlimited potential.

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