5 Easy Steps to Building a Large Sales Force: How I built a team with 3,237 people that generated 42,986 customers

by Mike Healy  - November 7, 2016

If you want to know a tried and true recipe for building a large sales force, then you are going to love this training.

It’s the EXACT system I’ve used for more than 20 years to build sales teams into the thousands multiple times.

I believe that as you go through what I share with you, you will get some serious golden nuggets of wisdom that will propel your business to new heights.

To get the most of this training I have uploaded the audio of it and below you will find the transcripts. This way you can more easily follow along and really benefit from what I am sharing with you.


Hey guys, Mike Healy here. Listen, I have had a lot of requests about the recording, if I had a recording, which I do, of the training I did on Saturday about how to recruit.

This is only basically the secrets, the insider tips and the five step process of exactly how I’ve recruited so many people so quickly. So go ahead and take a listen. This is the call as it happened and enjoy…

I think that’s all for housekeeping. So here’s what I’m gonna do. This is a training call and obviously we get excited and we do everything, you know, we get fired up and we tell stories and somewhat, but I’m gonna give you right now some training information.

Okay, now let me slow down because I get all excited about this and sometimes I talk too fast. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy because this is going to, if you follow this methodology and this recipe, you literally cannot fail in the business.

I mean, I can almost guarantee you that. Now understand I have and I’m gonna give it to you straight up. This is stuff that I do, have done, experienced it and it has created a very big income for me and my family over years and years and years.

Okay and it’s the same formula I have followed regardless of what I have done or been a part of. Okay, there is a method to my madness. Okay? This is gonna help you to quantify it. I know sometimes when a person joins or they become part of networking or you may be new to it. These principles and these steps I’m about to give you can go to either customers.

You can have either a customer centric focus or a prospecting focus. I typically lean towards heavy recruiting and I will tell you why.


I don’t have a lot of personal friends that really would get my foot in the door to any big commercial accounts, but I really, really would like the idea of getting paid on millions and millions of dollars worth of billing of these accounts because that creates a lifestyle. Right?

Well what happens here is this. If you don’t have that, you’ve got to figure out a way to still capitalize on it. What I realized years ago and it was taught to me and I read it in some books and it just went off in me like you know nobody’s business is the only way to create wealth is through growth and leverage. You have to be positioned for growth.

2-types-oflevergeMost importantly leveraging it allows the growth and it’s either money at work or people at work and I’ve said this and I say this in my presentations. I told you had to dig a ditch 10 feet deep, 100 feet long and I’d pay you $100,000 a year no matter what.

I don’t care how that ditch got dug. That is not the point. The point is if you do it, you’re gonna get paid. You can go out and do it by yourself, you can use a spoon, you can use a shovel, you can rent a back hoe, you can find 50 people and give them spoons, you can find 50 people and give them back hoes. I don’t care. As long as it gets done, you get paid.

Well obviously if you’ve got some sense, which I imagine you do, it comes down to numbers. Okay? The reason a lot of people become so wealthy so quickly in networking is building teams. Now here’s the thing. A lot of people are intimidated to build teams or actually you don’t build teams without starting to recruit. I learned that I could make up what I lacked in skill I could make up in numbers. Okay?

I also learned that the number one skill to have is recruiting and presenting basically. Okay and this isn’t about how to give a presentation.

This is the process. So if you’ve got your pen handy, get your paper and get your pen sharpened because here we go. I guess you don’t sharpen pens do you? You sharpen pencils, but I’ll prove to you by the end of this that if Healy can do it, you guys can do it.

Okay, here’s my five steps and I’m gonna break each one down, but I want you to write these down. The first one is prospect. Then number two you’re gonna write down is contact. Three is present. Four is follow up and five is repeat.

This right here, prospect, contact, present, follow up and repeat is the absolute cornerstone backbone foundation of everything I’ve done. In the last few companies I’ve been in, I have never not been the top recruiter or at least in the top five of personal recruitments. Okay. I think I just two days ago became the number one personal enroller.

Okay. I’m not positive on that, but I’ve put my 60th person in already and it’s not by accident. I’m not pulling over teams. This is anybody can apply what I’m about to teach you. Okay and that’s why you’re gonna get excited about it.

Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna write down these steps. This isn’t gonna take long because it’s not hard what I’m gonna teach you. It’s very easy and the secret to network marketing is there’s a law out there. I think I heard it best from Randy Gage.

The secret to network marketing is getting a large group of people to do a few simple tasks over a sustained period of time. Okay. These are the tasks, one through five, and I’m gonna go through and break these steps down.

Prospect. This is the number one thing right here because what prospecting means is generating a lead. Okay. Most people can follow a system of presentation. That’s not an issue, but where a lot of people falter is in building a list. How do you get more people to talk to you?

That’s one of the biggest questions I always get. Now here’s what I will tell you. Never edit your list. Always have a minimum of 100 people on your list and when I say don’t edit it, I always put down friends and family.2-types-ofleverge-1

I know people say “I’ve already pitched my friends and family”. I don’t care. I’ve pitched my friends and family multiple times too and some of them said no in some things and said yes on others. You can’t control whether they say yes or no. You can only control if you make a contact. Okay and this is stuff that is proven.

I have won recruiting bonuses for it in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the periods. I launched my entire teams, my entire career because of these steps.

Now when I prospect, here’s what I’m doing. I’m just looking to write down a list of names without identifying whether I believe they’re gonna do it or not.

That has nothing to do with it.

This is all about them. Okay because you don’t know what someone is going through at the moment so don’t edit your list. Also you have to understand that at some point you will get better at what you’re comfortable with in generating a lead.

I’ve got friends that all they do is they’ll go and they’ll Google other network marketing companies and search out the top leaders and call them.

Okay and they’ve done that for years. I’ve got other people that strictly all they do is they talk to their market because maybe they’re part of a big organization or church or community or in school or whatever it might be. I’ve got people that run ads. It’s regardless of all those things.

You just have to build a list and you continually add to the list because if you edit your list, you edit your success. If you minimize the amount of people then you really are not giving yourself a fair shake at doing this.

I understood that the large numbers will always win for me. If I said I’ll pay you a million dollars if you flip a quarter and it comes up heads 10 times in a row, well if you can only flip the quarter 20 times, you have no belief that it’s gonna happen, but I said I don’t care how long you do it. Eventually you probably would flip it no matter how it works.

So next step. You’re gonna build your list and get your prospects.


The next step is contact.

Here’s really important about contacting and this is what gets intimidating for people because this is where the rubber meets the road.

You’ve got a list of 100 or 1,000 people on your main thing. A lot of them are good quality people. Here’s where most of the fear comes in. The fear comes in because you think or you’ve been conditioned to think you have to be some kind of expert and here’s what I finally realized that set me free.

Okay, was that I consistently learned to be the messenger, not the message. The messenger, not the message. Yes, I can answer questions, but I technically don’t answer a lot of questions. I’m always directing people to places they can get the information because people are only gonna join you if they believe that they can do what you just did. Okay so we have to remember that. Let me stay on task here.

Contact. Here’s what I always do. When I’m making a contact with somebody, I’ve got a list of names and what I usually do is I set down a certain amount of time that I’m gonna do this. In fact, I’ll give you a perfect example of when I was doing a company.

It was a nutritional company, which is very hard to sell in this economy and I blew the business up. The company put me on the cover of their magazine, the whole nine yards and all I did was I sat on a stationery bike, a little exercise bike and I made little phone calls here and there and I put slash marks every time I contacted somebody.

Here’s what I did…

2-types-ofleverge-2I would call somebody at the contact and I asked them permission. Remember that phrase. I asked for permission to share info with them. I asked permission to share info with them and here’s what I said. I would call somebody up and I’ll use Dan as an example. I know Dan’s on here, but I called Dan up and Dan you don’t have to answer anything.

You might not be on the moderator, but I say ring, ring and the phone would ring and he’d answer. I’d say “hey Dan. This is Mike Healy. Do you remember me?” “Oh yeah, yeah. Hey Mike.” We go to church, whatever. I’d say “listen, I know you’re busy and I’m not gonna take up any of your time right now, but do you mind if I send you an email?

Do you mind if I send you an email?”

Nobody has ever said no to me.

I take that back. I think one person after years and years and years of thousands of contacts like this, only one person has ever said no. I was like “oh my gosh”. I wish I could remember the guy’s name because it was amazing, but everybody says yes and here’s what I did.

This is real significant, is I ask permission because you have to understand that you’ve got to get through the clutter of what everybody is pitched with day in and day out. There is noise everywhere, but by me making a personal contact of asking permission to share some information, I’m becoming the messenger only at this point.

Now what happens is he’s gonna say “sure Mike. What is it?”

That’s a big question.

Here’s where you’ve got to learn to be quiet is I never tell anybody what I’m doing. I say “well if I explained it all I’d be giving you a haircut over the phone”. I do say that. I kid you not. Everybody chuckles.

I’m always making the phone call, the quick phone call I’m doing, a quick experience.

I’d say “hey Dan. It’s like giving a haircut over the phone, but I’m pretty excited about a business idea somebody just shared with me” and this is a little different because what we’ve got with commercial energy is not only sexy, but it’s not only got sizzle, but it’s got steak.

So you can say “well, I’m involved with a company that’s paying a lot of money on referrals for commercial energy” or not. It doesn’t matter. That’s not the point.

Okay. The point is I took a prospect, a lead. I made contact quickly with them and I got off the phone quick. Here’s the key okay.

Dan can I send you an email? Sure, what is it? I don’t have time to be giving you a haircut over the phone. Listen Dan, I know you’re busy. I’m not gonna take up any more of your time. Is this your email address? Blah, blah, blah.

I write it down and I say “I’ll send this to ya. Be on the lookout for it and I appreciate it. Have a great one”. Click. I am on and off the phone in less than 20 seconds. I can do that on a stationery bike. I can do that in the car on the way to the gym. I can do that in all little gaps of time that I have. Right?

What happens then is in the email or text, this day and age because this is when I designed this program. I did it when it was only email out there.

Now I’m a texter obviously. You can ask permission to send them a text or you can ask permission to send them an email. I do both primarily. Okay because I want to get it in front of them.


The next step, step three is present. Again, you’re not the issue. The message is done by the tools. So in the email I would say something like this.

Dan, I really appreciate you letting me send this to you. Thanks again. Do me a favor and check out and listen to this quick recorded call when you’re in the car on the way to work. It will only take you a few minutes. We’ve got guys that are making some serious money with this or ladies or whatever. I really appreciate it and if that makes sense, watch this short video right here.

I have an active link and I put the http://www.brokertestimonies.com. Those two items are the only thing that I send out. Okay. So I prospect. I got Dan on my list. I make a quick phone call to ask permission to send it to him. I let the tool do the presentation.

Number four is follow up.

The fortune is in the follow up.

2-types-ofleverge-3The fortune is in the follow up. Here’s the best part of follow up is understand this. You cannot control whether someone says yes or no to the opportunity. The tools are good enough that they do a very good explanation of taking you out of the equation so regardless if you have a big check or not or you’ve been in the business a half an hour, they’re still gonna listen to the content.

You’re excited about that. You didn’t waste their time so when my follow up time comes, which is typically within 24-48 hours, I will now call Dan back.

Ring, ring. Phone answers. Hey Dan, it’s Healy again. What’s up? I don’t sound professional. I don’t call my friend and say “this is Mike Healy”. I don’t say anything like that. I’m not goofy.

Okay. I say “Dan, this is Healy. What’s going on?” “Oh hey Mike”. I say “listen”, write this down, “is now a good time?” Is now a good time? Now here’s the thing.

If you wonder why people may not be answering your phone when caller ID kicks up, it’s because you wasted their time on the first call when they were busy and you tried to pitch them or you badgered them and begged them to listen to you.

You’re not following the process properly. No one ever does not answer my phone calls on the follow up because the first initial experience was very quick. I went through it quick. I made some bullet points. I was excited when I called. I said “Dan I’ve got to send you this email”.

I didn’t want to just blast it out there because it’s gonna be noise to everything else out there. He’s expecting it. He’s excited to see what the heck I was so fired up about without getting into detail. Right? Okay?

So now when I follow up, here’s what I do.

This is very simple.

Follow up is a piece of cake if you do it properly.

I call him up. I say “Dan, is now a good time?” He says yes. I say “Dan, here’s my first question. Did you have a chance to listen to the call or watch the video or both?”

If he says no, I’m done with my call. I say “well now wouldn’t be a good time then for us to cover any of this. You should really take the time”. He goes “well just give me a little”. Nope, not gonna do it. I get off the phone.

Now let’s say the majority of the people actually do say yes, which is good and he says “yeah, I did have a chance to watch it”.

Here’s your phrase.

Are you ready?

Write this down.

What did you like best?

Very simple.

2-types-ofleverge-4What did you like best? Understand this, that if you’re talking about commercial energy and the thing he was fired up was how customer acquisition was done or whatever, you’ve got to find out what the prospect is interested in. The prospect will dictate where you go next.

This is important. So you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

That’s what makes this so simple is I listen to what Dan says. Dan, what did you like best? When Dan starts saying “you know what? When I heard the conference call, I started thinking about my cousin, my brother, my uncle.

They’re all partnered up in the team to go commercial energy. Oh my gosh, you’re kidding. Then boom, boom, boom.

All I do is sit there and listen.

What is a person’s favorite topic?

Who do they like to talk about the most?

Themselves. Who likes to talk the most? Themselves. If you learn to be a good listener and just ask a few simple questions, you will have people falling out of the woodwork to join you because they’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear.

You can ask them exactly the questions and they’ll tell you where to lead them to next. A lot of people make this too hard.
Okay, so now when Dan says that, Dan will then tell me what step he needs, where I need to go now. You know, he might say “how does the cab division work”.

Well, you can send him to the presentation and he can watch it again in the back. Maybe he only watched a couple of testimonies. You could say “you should watch this video”. Well what states are we in? Well, if you go to this website here, you can download the states.

I am always directing people to the information because they can do the same thing. If they can do the same thing, they can experience the same success that I’m having if they follow the pattern. Okay, which leads me to the last one.


The fifth one is repeat.

This is not rocket science. All we’re doing is taking the law of large numbers, swinging the bat as many times as we can, teaching people to be consistent and if you become consistent and you set the example, you can sponsor unlimited amount of people.

The reason I have no problem and some of the best networkers have no problem whatsoever believing they’re gonna make $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 a month is because they’ve honed in on these five steps, acquired the skills on how to be good listeners, being good messengers and not just the message themselves, not taking it upon themselves and by doing that and repeating those numbers over and over and over again, you cannot fail.

Here’s what you have to understand…

2-types-ofleverge-5If this, getting paid on commercial energy made sense to you, you can obviously assume it’s gonna make sense to a lot of other people. Everybody is a smart person on the call here and if you think about that, if it makes sense to you, it’s gonna make sense to a lot of other people. You just have to quickly weed through them.

What happens with me and I’m gonna wind this down. I compressed a lot of this into a short period of time, but the five steps has been the backbone of what I’ve done for years.

This is exactly how I launched this business from scratch.

There was no team.

I didn’t bring anybody over.

I actually still get a check from another company. Okay because I did this tactfully. I did this without blasting it out on Facebook.

I didn’t promote myself for months.

Nobody even knew what I was doing okay, but this concept has always worked. I would call people, ask permission to send them an email.

We put a system together that does the work. The recorded call, the three steps and then I follow up with them typically after step one and two to follow up to see if they need more information, which I let them watch and really then it’s just becoming their friend, answering a few questions and teaching people to repeat the pattern.

If you continually repeat the pattern, you will have success. You’ll sponsor more people than you know what to do with and if you just teach them the same thing of keeping it simple, not becoming the message yourself, but becoming the messenger, get very good at that and it will just absolutely explode.

The reason that the meetings that we do, a lot of the presentations that we do at hotels are so successful is because the people have, even unknowingly have done this system.

They may not even realize that they’re doing it, is they’ve gotten people to view information first. Listen to the recorded call, watch broker testimonies so that when they’re in a hotel room, it’s not the first exposure.

They might have been thirsty and they weren’t trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. You know, they basically were there to get all the info and now they have a full understanding of what was going on. Okay.

Now I just wanted to share this with you because I’m telling you with everything in me that where this company is positioned and where you’re at, you are about to see the tipping point happen in probably less than six months.

Here’s why I will predict this.

I’ve been in companies at the right place, at the right time myself. Okay. What’s happening now is we’re starting to get even more and more what we call a preponderance of proof of people.

Anybody can recruit and make recruiting bonuses and those are great by the way, but people that are closing more and more and more and more commercial accounts in decent size and bigger ones.

Some people are submitting accounts that will make them $500 a month and $5,000 a month. Okay.

That is unheard of in this industry. In the network marketing industry, that is absolutely unheard of and everybody has bought into the network marketing concept and the majority of them are loyal to their company because they like the community and the potential to make some money, but none of them have what we have. That is a fact.

We are so far apart from everyone else it’s not even close. Okay.

What you’re gonna see is that if you bust your butt, I don’t know how else to put it to you, but if you put on the big boy pants and you get out there, you get down and dirty and you get your five steps organized, you set aside specific times that you’re gonna make your five or ten contacts a day or whatever it might be and you can see with that simple process, you can make presentations quick.

You can go through them really, really quick and what happens is by doing that, you’ll work the numbers faster than anybody has possibly seen.

I’m clicking my finger by the way. That’s what this noise is. I think I’m in front of a crowd right now, which I am, but the tipping point, what will happen is you in the beginning, you in the beginning will do all the work yourself.

2-types-ofleverge-6This is the hardest thing mentally to endure until you get to your tipping point of your business. Okay. You in the beginning are the show. You’ve got to recruit people. You’ve got to get it launched.

A space shuttle, when it takes off and all of you have probably seen it happen uses 80% of all its fuel in the first two minutes of launch.

When do you think is the most critical time to put all the time and effort into your networking business? When you’re ready and raring to go and you’ve made the decision to blow the thing up, right.

So what I do is I recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, recruit, take a quick breath, recruit, recruit, recruit, keep going, keep going, keep going because I can’t tell the duds from the studs and by doing that, I always, always have a handful of people that go “hey, I’m gonna do it part time”.

Some of them say “this is more than I thought it was” and I have a handful also that go “oh my gosh, this is what I’ve been praying about. This is gonna make my dreams come true. Get out of my way” and they crush it. Okay. You don’t know who those people are, but if you recruit, recruit, recruit, you increase your odds of those people and eventually what happens…

you’re on the bottom and if you’ve seen those trend lines that go kind of like even that one slide, I think it’s the third or fourth slide from the end in the presentation where it shows growth, critical mass right there, you at first are doing all the work at the beginning, but eventually when your team starts to grow, five people, ten people, 20 people, 50 people, you get a team of 100 people, you’ll start to have more and more people coming in that you have no idea who they are, where they came from or you’ve never heard of them and they just start exploding the business because it’s the large, large numbers in duplication and pretty soon, you’re gonna be getting a check that will scare the kids, scare the neighbors.

I mean I’m talking fun, fun, fun kind of money and that’s where a lot of you guys are sitting right now.

So I think I’m all fired up this morning. I had a great day yesterday. It was my birthday. I turned 45.

I feel great. I have great kids, great family. I’ve got great business partners. All you guys I consider family. I’m just a normal dad is all I am that just has an above average aggression towards success and driven and I want to see people do it because I’ve been there.

I know the issues. I know the fears. I’ve experienced them all times ten and I’m telling you there’s not one person that’s hearing my voice right now that can’t go out there and just kick this thing in the butt and make more money than you can spend and you guys, a lot of you guys I know and have come to know personally, you guys are gonna be huge blessings to people. I’m talking some of you have told me about families you want to help, organizations you want to donate to, churches you want to pay off. I’m there buddy. I’m with you all the way and it is gonna rock and roll.



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