9 Business Tools You HAVE to Have to Market Your Business

by Mike Healy  - May 6, 2017


Marketing. What is it?

The dictionary defines it as:

1.the act of buying or selling in a market.

2.the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising,shipping, storing, and selling.


Sooo marketing is basically getting your message in front of people and the people that do it the best will ultimately succeed.


The real trick is how do you do it without hiring a big marketing company, graphics department, SEO geniuses, advertisers…etc and do it without breaking the bank?


Here are what I believe are the 9 Business Tools You HAVE to Have to Market Your Business.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up…

9) Google’s Keyword Tool – There’s really no sense in starting your marketing unless you know EXACTLY what your your ‘target market’ is actually searching for.


8) Similar Web – I could probably put this a little higher on the list but it’s an incredible tool to search out exactly what your competition is doing. I mean you can track a ton of stuff with this tool like, keywords, where they get traffic from, how many hits are they getting to their site etc. (Make sure you get the plugin/add on for your browser. It allows you to go to any site and immediately get all the details about the site. Awesome!



7) Youtube – Kind of a no brainer but worth mentioning. If you don’t have a specific channel for your business, you are REALLY missing out on a massive market. Youtube is actually the second largest SEARCH ENGINE on the planet. Yep. This is where people go to not only watch cat videos but to get SOLUTIONS. Realize that videos don’t have to be great, just effective and keyword friendly.



6) VidIQ – This is an AMAZING plugin for your Youtube channel. It allows you the ability to see every kind of stat you can think of on any Youtube video you view. I use it to find competitor keywords and traffic ideas.


5) Canva – I probably use Canva every day. It’s THE BEST free image creation tool I’ve ever seen. Plus it’s incredibly easy to use. You can easily make facebook ads, power point presentations, business cards, anything you can really think up can be made here.


4) Aweber -This is the #1 email autoresponder out there. I’ve never had an issue with it and it’s very easy to use to send emails to different lists, create drip campaigns etc.


3) Lead Pages– I have used lead pages to quickly set up beautiful landing pages in just minutes. I’ve easily set up and used over 100 and with great success. They already have proven templates ready to go.


2) Facebook – Obviously. BUT and this is a BIG but, you must start using their Facebook live features to get your message out there. Video converts…BIG TIME! Now I know that there’s way more stuff you can do on facebook, like advertise, which I do HEAVILY and if you do advertise for marketing, their “audience insights” tool is mind blowing. I mean you can advertise to anyone in such detail it’s scary. ( If you don’t know how to advertise on Facebook but are looking to learn, I did a course on it that people love. Check it out here> https://mikehealytraining.com/lab-intro


1) Belive.tv – Facebook video is #2 but this just made #1 because it makes Facebook Live videos even more exciting. It’s a brand new free software that is SO EASY to use. It does a ton of great stuff to make your Facebook live’s come…well…ALIVE! Check out this example I did for my own company and how interactive it made it. > CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIVE VIDEO


So if you start to use and understand the importance of these tools and how easy it is to use them, I really believe you can start marketing these 9 Business Tools You HAVE to Have to Market Your Business.

Thanks for checking out my post. Hope it helps!

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Mike Healy

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