How to Create an Automated Prospecting Funnel for Your Business

by Mike Healy  - September 2, 2016


Since I talk better than I type, If you would like to watch the video of this entire process, scroll to the bottom.

How would you like to Create an Automated Prospecting Funnel for Your Business? In fact could you imagine having the ability to introduce people to your company almost completely on autopilot?…well I’m going to show you just that!

I’ve been in the direct selling industry for more than 21 years now and have recruited more than 1,100 personal reps and built multiple teams into the tens of thousands using specific techniques and strategies.

What I’m going to go over with you is how I’ve used NEW School technologies along with old school philosophies to automate my recruiting and team building and how you can too.

So lets start with the significance of automation by using a quote by Rory Vaden I heard a while back…


I hope you got that! You see if you can automate your core tasks with systems, you generate leverage. Leverage gives you the ability to do much more in shorter periods of time and maybe even more importantly, it’s trackable and scaleable.

Now over the years, I’ve used a 5 step formula that has never failed to produce results. The methodology is totally sound in the fact that I’m addressing the core tasks that need to be done each step of the way. The 5 steps look like this…


Although this formula ALWAYS works, I asked myself, “How can I automate this process?”.

That lead me to learning a LOT of new technologies….ALL of which have paid off BIG TIME!

During this learning process I came up with another set of steps that had to be put together in the correct order at the correct time to really maximize the entire prospecting process. These steps are broken down like this…


Traffic is merely getting eyeballs on your offer. Landing is the page on which you are making some type of offer for a free book, PDF, video or audio. Capture is the person submitting their information in exchange for your offer. Rapport is EXTREMELY important. Rapport is all about building trust in your offer or you as a person so that at the end of that process, you then have the credibility and influence enough to make your proposal.

The image below really breaks down each step of the prospecting funnel I created for my company, BidPoint. My goal is to get people to involved that like the idea of earning residual incomes off of businesses energy usage. They get paid based on just referring the client to us and we pay them handsomely for their referral. How I start the process is offering a free PDF called “Rich in Energy”.


Ultimately I make a blog post that I write based on my target market. I then post it on my Facebook page and run an ad to that. Once people visit the blog page and read the content, I have some type of call to action. In this case it is the free rich in energy PDF.

Once they opt in, I deliver the PDF and add them to my autoresponder. They then receive a short sequence of emails with a video in this case, breaking down specific points and/or chapters in the PDF.  This video series is what helps educate the person on energy as well as build rapport.

Once the the final video comes out, I make my proposal for them to get more information about my company by visiting the site.

So as you can see, I pretty much automate the 5 steps I talked about earlier and I incorporate all the funnel principles as well.

Now I want to show you some examples of the cost and results I get using this system. Below you can see an image of my Facebook ads manager where I show just the 10 small ad campaigns I tried and tested for my energy book. The results were great!


Now below is an image of all of the things I tracked and measured. These numbers give me exactly what I need to see if the system is working and if I’m profitable and if I should scale it up down or kill it. As you can see, using this type of system practically gives me a license to print money. How fired up would you be if you spent $281.20 and made $9,500?…Pretty cool, huh?


Now the other thing I think is VERY IMPORTANT, is you must understand that it ALL STARTS with good content. That means that the actual ad on Facebook does not look like an ad but a good article written to my target market. As an example, below is an image of the types of articles I use on my BidPoint site to drive targeted traffic. Notice the image, header and congruency of the post on the blog and Facebook.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go to our company’s blog site just so you can see the types of images, header text and calls to action that we use for our company.  As an example, the article below hits our target market and at the end of the article there’s a suggestion to watch a couple videos that explain the benefits of our company.


Using what is called “Native Advertising”, it’s the most powerful way to introduce your ideal prospect to your company with out shoving it down their throats.

So here are a few closing suggestions…

Check out the Rich In Energy book funnel. Opt in and watch the process.

Check out the articles on my company site. This will give you some great insight on the way we structure our posts.


Last thing…like I said at the very top, I talk better than I type. Watch this detailed video below and it will give you a way better understanding and I know you will learn a ton from it.










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Mike Healy

With more than 20 years experience, Mike Healy is a seven figure earner in the network marketing industry. Known as a highly skilled recruiter, Mike has built massive teams in the tens of thousands multiple times as well as personally enrolling more than 2,000 people.

Over the last 11 years Mike has become an internet and marketing expert helping people and businesses quickly grow their brands and community in record time.

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