How To Sell Any Product Or Service In 3 Seconds Or Less

by Mike Healy  - April 27, 2012

If you have a business then it’s probably safe to assume you sell some type of product or service.

What if you could sell someone in 3 seconds or less? Would that help?

I have a great book recommendation for you, it’s by Mark Joyner. The book is called, THE IRRESISTIBLE OFFER.

It is defined as an offer central to a product, service, or company where the return on investment is communicated so clearly that it’s immediately apparent you’d have to be a fool to pass it up. (This definition comes from “The Irresistible Offer ” by Mark Joyner). So basically an irresistible offer has such a high ROI that the consumer would be stupid if they didn’t buy it.

The core message of the book is this-  Offer something that everyone wants, and have the value to them be so great, that they have a very difficult time turning it down.  Mark, breaks down all aspects of what the psychology is behind the offer and how to create the offer.

It’s available for purchase in almost all formats including my favorite, Audio (iTunes).

Probably one of my favorite stories is how Domino’s Pizza used this technique to explode it’s company by creating their first “irresistible offer”.


Mike Healy



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Mike Healy

With more than 20 years experience, Mike Healy is a seven figure earner in the network marketing industry. Known as a highly skilled recruiter, Mike has built massive teams in the tens of thousands multiple times as well as personally enrolling more than 2,000 people.

Over the last 11 years Mike has become an internet and marketing expert helping people and businesses quickly grow their brands and community in record time.

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