Is This The Key To Success In Business?

by Mike Healy  - September 21, 2011

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Here’s something to think about…
Looking back at my career to date, I’ve come to realize some amazing insights on why people do what they do and what makes some people extraordinarily successful while others continue to struggle day after day, year after year, company after company.

It’s simple really. It’s called CREDIBILITY.
(Now please follow me on this because I will make some good points that you can use on yourself or your team)
Here’s the scenario. A new company launches. A person WITH CREDIBILITY joins and a person without credibility joins. The one with “C” sponsors 20+ people in a day or so. While the person without “C” can barely get someone to listen to them.
(So far I’ve probably just pointed out the obvious. lol)

So here’s the GOOD NEWS!
Credibility CAN be taught. It’s called PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. The person with “C” is probably a person who’s taken the time to read the books, listened to the CD’s, gone to the seminars and most importantly gone through the experiences. The other person probably decided that the books were to expensive, bowling was more important than going to a seminar and why listen to people talk on a CD when Brittany Spears is on the radio.
One thing we have done to help people succeed, is to focus on the MOST important thing and that is personal development. As a person begins to learn from the experiences of others they literally transform themselves into the type of person they want to emulate and in no time they begin to walk, talk, look and act like a person WITH credibility.

So credibility CAN be learned, earned and taught which creates a person that attracts success like a magnet.

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