Lightning in a Lozenge? APL Go Rapid DNA Drops Explained

by Mike Healy  - June 2, 2021

The timing has never been better to offer APL Go’s one and only rapid DNA drops!

Sophisticated yet made simple, created and backed by renown European scientists. The goal was to create a highly concentrated, fast acting nutrient experience at mother nature’s table.

Dynamically concentrated rapid DNA drops create an instant gratification with get this 100% immediate absorption. Rapid DNA drops would be the opposite to overfed and undernourished. They are all natural, organic and contain a rainbow of plant-based ingredients and colors. They are naturally sweetened with the benefits of molasses and the sweet essence of beets.

If only we had the senses of man’s best friend, we might understand the great wondrous benefits of mother nature’s supercharged oxygen tank called negative ions.

These invisible oxygen molecules are abundantly found in the plant kingdom, crashing waves, waterfalls, rainstorms, and more thanks to Nikola Tesla. The research began over 100 years ago, and now according to web MD, once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase our levels of mood, chemical, serotonin, helping relieve stress and boost daytime energy and in a world where humanity is in search of peace and certainty.

The more negative ions, the better not to mention the potential dangers of living under the roof of such a high-tech AirWave society, which means unbeknownst to the human population, negative ions are at a premium and in demand.

What if there was a, one of a kind science that was able to create the perfect storm for negative ions to be absorbed on demand. Furthermore, make it extremely tasteful to the senses. And 100% absorbable APLs rapid DNA drops are the offspring to the best of nature and the newest in science.

So we’ve talked about the wonders of nature and negative ions. Now let’s get a quick scientific overview…

Everyone wants to know the secret, how rapid DNA drops are made. Well, each proprietary drop is negatively charged to a very exclusive plant DNA extraction, and they can only be found at APL go.

This exclusive and patented technology is named accumulate SA that conserves essential nutrient factors and sustains phytonutrients. This technology utilizes the plant DNA cell particles that provide cellular energy and communication.

These botanical particles are active, they’re tasteless, and 100% absorbable. Each rapid DNA drop has a carefully selected blended formula of fruits, plants, and herbs for cellular energy recognition and health. And if that weren’t enough, these bioavailable nutrients are processed under a turbulent air flow of negatively charged particles.

Now supercharged, the most biologically active substances are released from the plants. Then coupled with the all natural serum base, the temperatures drop to less than 80 degrees. And these supercharged plant extracts are infused with plant colorants and flavorings rendering them 100%, all natural, 100% of solvable and 1000% tasty.

Congratulations, APL Go, for proving that what the mind can believe it can achieve!

Maybe you’ve heard, but you’re only as healthy as that, which your body can assimilate and absorb supplement waste is lost in the billions and found in our sewage systems, a lot of hope and a lot of expensive urine APLs rapid DNA drops or instant gratification because there are a hundred percent instantly absorbed the active agents into the blood VM mucosa.

That is why APL rapid DNA drops have such an instant effect. Imagine roughly 80 different in season plant-based nutrients delivered pleasurable to the census. Many experts believe that nutrients absorbed during peak season stay in the body’s ecosystem until the season returns. This is what makes APL Go the one and only.

So there you have it…

APL Go’s rapid DNA drops are a category creator led with vision, the negative ions, a rainbow of nature, proprietary intellectual property technology and cutting edge manufacturing secrets.

Maybe this is why there are nearly 30 certifications validating this brilliant made so simple Hallo, organic kosher gluten-free non-GMO, and many more APL Go’s rapid DNA drops are convenient and are activated once placed in the mouth. One product, 15 experiences, aromatic flavors and natural occurring colors. None more impressive than the award-winning GRW named immune product of the year.



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