In 1995 I was referred to a book called , All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough by Art Williams.

I had just started my career in network marketing and the number one money earner, who I’d asked “what should I do to get started?”, suggested I read that book. I figured that it made sense to take some advice from a person who was making over $650,000 MONTHLY. He looked me square in the eyes and said, “Mike. This here’s the bible of network marketing. You oughta go get you a copy.” (picture a heavy Kentucky accent when saying that)

I immediately went out and grabbed a copy. It was the first book I ever read. I was 26 years old.

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If you want to see and hear an INCREDIBLY inspiring, no holds barred speech by Art then here ya go!



Mike Healy

Mike Healy is a direct selling seven figure earner in the network marketing industry, a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, internet marketing expert, book author, public speaker, sales trainer, business coach, and business owner.

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