Use This Software Program to Predict the Next Big Company in Network Marketing

by Mike Healy  - July 19, 2018


People lie. Numbers don’t!  Thank God we finally have technology to see through all the hype and find out what’s really going on in this industry…and what I am about to show you in the video below will help you do just that.

In case you don’t know who I am, I’m a 20+ year network marketing professional. I’ve sponsored more than 1,100 people personally, built multiple teams in multiple companies in the tens’ of thousands and more importantly helped thousands upon thousands of people increase their skills and earn better money in this profession.

I often get asked these kinds of questions… ‘how do you know if a company is really in momentum?” “Did I miss the wave?”… “Is it too late?”… “Is this company growing or dying”…and you get the point.

So since I have just enough nerd in me to be dangerous, I’ve learned what things to look for and certain softwares that help me evaluate companies.

I recently evaluated one using this software and I was so impressed, I joined!  LOL

The FIRST VIDEO is a full rundown of the ‘case study’ I did with this company. If you don’t have the attention span and want to skip to the short version just scroll a bit farther down and I have a shorter video on the software as well but the FIRST video, I believe, is the BEST for you to learn.

So here’s a video of how I evaluate, the software I use and why I make the decisions I do.  🙂


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Here’s the shorter video of just the tool…




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Mike Healy

With more than 20 years experience, Mike Healy is a seven figure earner in the network marketing industry. Known as a highly skilled recruiter, Mike has built massive teams in the tens of thousands multiple times as well as personally enrolling more than 2,000 people.

Over the last 11 years Mike has become an internet and marketing expert helping people and businesses quickly grow their brands and community in record time.

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