Real Residual Income and How to Get it: Testimonies You Need to Hear

by Mike Healy  - August 2, 2016



If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it…

Yeah, I’m STOKED about the energy industry…not just because I don’t like living like I’m Amish but due to the fact that its such a lucrative industry to be in…LOL.

It wasn’t long too long ago that a friend of mine asked me “How I’d like to get paid every time a business paid their utility bills”…well I’m not the sharpest tool in the drawer but I thought, who wouldn’t.

So I asked, “how’s that work?”…

Pretty simple he said, “Just get a copy of an energy bill from a business, submit it, then if our company can get the business a better deal on their utilities, you get paid.”…HOLY TOLEDO I thought.

In fact it reminded me of what happened to a BUNCH of people I knew back in the late ’90’s that made HUGE amounts of money when telecom deregulated, except they made all their money in residential…this thing was MASSIVE compared to that.

So check this out…

I’ve had people get copies of bills, submit them, get better pricing for their customers then the person who got the business and myself get a piece of the income that the supplier’s pay out for getting them the customer…CHA CHING!  🙂

Here’s one of the best parts, IT TOTALLY BENEFITS THE BUSINESS and they NEVER have money come out of pocket but instead are putting cash that they have been getting overcharged back into the businesses pocket…WIN, WIN!

Check out these examples I’ve seen on what can happen for business customers…

Saved a small restaurant 22% on their electric alone..$2800 dollar a year savings

Saved a small manufacturer 42% on their utilities, $4800 dollars a year.

Saved a wine selling business 40%..that’s a savings of $7100 dollars a year

Saved an Asian Bistro 29% on their gas bill, that’s a savings of $6200 a year. We saved that same Asian bistro 43% on their electric bill.  That was a savings of $11,887 a year…total savings for that one little business was $18,000 every year.

Saved a pizza parlor 46%, that’s a saving of $17,00 a year

Saved a small school district 23%, that’s a savings of $21,000 a year

Saved a small village 23%, a savings of $26,000 a year.

Saved a McDonald’s franchisee with 4 locations 23%, that’s a savings of $45,800 dollars a year.

Showed an egg farmer a 14% cost reduction, that’s a savings of $190,000 a year

Saved a medical center 18%, that’s a savings of $205,000 a year.

I could go on and on but you get the point.

So get this…

..there was absolutely no selling involved.  The only thing that was needed was for someone to forward the billing information to the company.

They merely approached the small, medium, or large business owner and here’s basically what they said to them…

“I don’t know if I could help you or not but if you’ll get me a copy of last months utility bills, I can have them analyzed for free to see if you are being overcharged”…that’s it!

Check this out..

One of my friends referred a business account that took less than 2 minutes to get, because all they had to do was get a copy of the bill.  The business was charged nothing for analyzing the bill, they proved that they could save the customer over $165,000/year and my friend will be paid $18,000/year in ongoing residual income for years…how’s that for AWESOME!

And they will never have to do another thing.

It took 2 minutes!

I figured that if I got a handful of businesses to let me see if they were being overcharged and it was free to do it, I figured that a handful would probably be very thankful and do the deals…YEP! I was right.

I also found out that I could let other people know about how this works and I could get paid a little bit on what they did as well.

One of the guys I referred makes over $7,000 a MONTH on the bills he’s submitted alone.. SO HAPPY FOR HIM!

Check out these short video testimonials I collected a while back on examples of what kind of stuff is happening for people in the energy industry….EXCITING! 🙂


Also if you’d like to hear a VERY GOOD overview in more detail of how it all works, take a couple of minutes and listen to this recording.

If you like the idea of energy and maybe need more info, you are welcome to get a free copy of my book below.





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