Brand New Energy Company Launches and Offers Whopping 60% Commissions on Referrals

by Mike Healy  - July 30, 2016


As you may or may not know, I’ve been in sales for the last 20 years. I’ve sold everything from baseball cards to beer cans. Protein powders to skin care products. Jungle juices to pain creams and its been a great experience and I’ve come to realize there is pretty much a market for anything…

RichInEnergy3D…HOWEVER…one thing I’ve successfully sold over the years that has to be one of the easiest products to ‘sell’ is energy…ESPECIALLY COMMERCIAL ENERGY!  (In fact, I wrote a book on it. Called, “Rich in Energy”. If you’d like a FREE copy of it just CLICK HERE.)

Now I love the fact that you can take a protein powder for example refer it to a friend and make a small cut of it…somewhere like $5 for a $30-$80 purchase…and if you’re real ambitious you can build a team in the hundreds of people buying protein and make a few hundred dollars a month in good residual income.

…now there is nothing wrong with selling lots of powders, pills and lotions but when you can make $100, $1,000, $10,000 or upwards of $100,000 in commissions on SINGLE customers, it doesn’t take long to see that commercial energy gives a MUCH BIGGER ‘bang for your buck’….AND there might not be anything more exciting than referring the FREE service to business owners that helps PUT MONEY BACK IN THEIR POCKET as opposed to creating a new expenditure.

Let me give you an example…

Over the years I’ve used a simple “8 Second Question” to just get a copy of a businesses bill. Here’s the question, “I don’t know if I can help you or not, but if you’ll give me a copy of last months utility bills, I know a company that will analyze them for free to see if you’re being overcharged.”… That’s it! In fact I’ve not only used that phrase myself but have taught this same thing to thousands of people who are using it to build BIG residual incomes in the energy market.

So let me continue..

Now after getting the bill from the business, I submit it to this company that analyzes the bill and then has multiple energy suppliers bid against each other to get the business a better rate. If they come back with a better rate, some more savings or better pricing, in most cases the business will then go with this new plan. Since I was the person who referred the business owner to the energy suppliers, they pay me (or you) a good percentage of the billing usage on that new customer….WOW!

Think about that, how’d you like to get paid a portion of a pizza restaurants energy bill? How about getting paid on a car dealerships bill? How about a large warehouse? Hotel? School? Hospital? Manufacturing plant? …get the picture?

In fact I have a friend who referred a hospital and the free service saved the hospital more than $200,000 annually on their billing but due to the fact that they use so much energy, both natural gas and electric, my friend makes $80,000+ annually in RESIDUAL INCOME on that single account….let that sink in for a moment.

So here’s what I found…

There’s a company called BidPoint that has THE BEST ENERGY COMMISSIONS out there and here’s why I believe that….

  • They have contracts with 70+ suppliers to bid against each other to give the business more competitive pricing and true NON-BIASED quotes. (No other company has that many suppliers)
  • They will actually pay you *$25 just to submit the deal, REGARDLESS if it goes through or not
  • They pay another $25 when the deal closes.
  • and here’s my favorite…they pay a WHOPPING 60% COMMISSION on the money that comes into BidPoint for that deal. So if a you closed a deal on a school for instance and the money that came into BidPoint was $7,000 annually, you would get $4,200 of that deal.
  • Also, BidPoint offers a VERY LUCRATIVE commission match income on other agents that you refer to BidPoint…here’s the example: You tell your friend Bob about the money you are making with BidPoint in your spare time. Bob joins BidPoint. Bob submits some deals that close and you get a 10% commission match on whatever Bob makes. Think about that…If Bob made $10,000 you’d make a $1,000 and you didn’t even do anything except tell Bob about BidPoint.

So as you can see, there are some VERY COMPELLING reasons to market energy. Plus, marketing energy doesn’t take very much time at all, in fact I know people that are just out enjoying life and when they bump into a business owner or decision maker, they just use the “8 Second Question” and are building very good supplemental incomes without having to change anything from their normal routines.

So if you’ve read this far then I’m sure you have at least a little interest. Here’s what I recommend you do now..

Watch the videos below. The first one gives you a real understanding about the potential this market has and how easy it really is to earn commissions. The other ones give you more understanding about BidPoint.

Video 1:

Video 2:




If you would like to learn more about energy deregulation, how it works, and more importantly how to make a lot of money in it, then you should opt in to get a copy of my free book. Its a best seller in its category on Amazon but I’m offering it to you for FREE. It also includes a GREAT, free 4 part video series to help expand on the book. You’ll love it! Just click on the image below….


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*When you reach 5 active & qualified personal deals OR reach 5000 in MES* Your commission percentage rises to 60% as an SDM* senior deal maker










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Mike Healy

With more than 20 years experience, Mike Healy is a seven figure earner in the network marketing industry. Known as a highly skilled recruiter, Mike has built massive teams in the tens of thousands multiple times as well as personally enrolling more than 2,000 people.

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